Marisa Willoughby-Holland

My work is the key to my self discovery. Every painting tells a story. These stories illustrate my life as a female, a daughter, a sister, a wife and a mother. They are a collection of memories and feelings drawn from the past and present.
I aspire to create a certain atmosphere in my work that is both mystical and vibrant. The colours have a comforting warmth that provokes a sensation of my childhood in Jamaica. There is a strong spiritual element that is both from my Catholic school upbringing and my Christian family life in England.

As a classically trained artist I have always been fascinated with the human form and creating work that is representational. However after leaving school I started to create work that was a representation of how I saw the world. I love the challenge of building up tones and colours that have depth and come to life within a canvas giving a feeling of reality but I do this with a degree of distortion to emphasise an emotion or intensify a mood.

Although my work is carefully premeditated my paintings are always a journey that sometimes leads to the unpredicted. For the most part this is a result of what is happening in my life at that time. Feelings change. Life is unpredictable. These things all play a part in my story and help to translate my vision into reality.